Limiting Decisions and How to Overcome Decision Fatigue
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Your Path to Productivity
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3 Skills to Living the Life You Want
Recently I read an article on Managing Yourself: Work + Home + Community + Self by Stewart D. Friedman and the following quote caught my attention: “Balance is bunk. It’s... Read More
3 Resources for Your Business
When you own a business, there are so many things to do – some you excel at and others really should be hired (or “partnered”) out. Whether you’re doing it... Read More
It’s time to have a baby
There are essentially two types of businesses: hobby businesses and gotta-make-money-businesses. If you have a hobby business and that works for you, then this article doesn’t pertain to you (you... Read More
Planning for Your Revenue and Growth
There's a problem with the way many business owners plan their revenue and sales goals. They say something to the effect of "I want to make more than last year"... Read More
3 things to solve before 2016
WOW! The comments are still pouring in on last week’s Sales Primer article. Interestingly, the comments are coming in via email rather than posts on my blog. The next sentence... Read More
What kind of change?
The following article is a guest post from Bonnie Hutchinson. As a business owner, you know that things are always changing and you need to shift and change accordingly. (Sandy Martini... Read More
You’re Contagious. And That’s a Good Thing!
Guest article from my friend and client Anese Cavanaugh I was recently in Costco with my daughter. We stocked up on water, TP, her favorite ice cream bars, that extra kitchen... Read More
3 Ways Businesses Lose Prospective Clients
Here are the top 3 reasons why and what you can learn from for your business. . . Not communicating until they have something to sell. One business owner sent... Read More
3 Reasons Your Business, and therefore YOU, are Losing Money
Often the reason business owners “rush” to have a sale is that they’re losing money and this week I wanted to focus on some of the reasons why. 1. Working... Read More
Summer is a time for growing
Summer. BBQs, swimming pools, vacations, heat, hammocks. . .a general slow down of life overall. What if we were to heed the words of the great Jim Rohn instead: “Summer... Read More
5 Ways to Manage Your “To Do” List So It Doesn’t Manage You
We often talk about getting more done and increasing productivity, but what about managing your “To Do” list from the very beginning? Before things get added and take on the... Read More
1ShoppingCart Issue Resulting in Less Subscribers for You
If you use any version of 1ShoppingCart (including all the private labels), check your total contact list numbers. Last week they did a sweep to remove hard bounces (bad email... Read More
Biggest Mistake in Using Virtual Assistants
Everywhere you turn, online-based business owners are told to “get help”, “delegate” or “hire a VA (virtual assistant)”. First, I wholeheartedly agree. I love virtual assistants and part of my... Read More
“The” Word and The #365 Project: Making 2015 Your Best Yet
Each year, for years, I've picked one word to focus the upcoming year around.  The hub around which all else rotates. For 2015, that word is "health": [caption id="attachment_8873" align="alignright"... Read More
Charging what you’re worth doesn’t always make sense. . .here’s why
You hear it all the time: “Charge what you’re worth” or articles and programs selling “Charge what you’re worth and get it”. However sometimes it does more harm than good... Read More
3 Questions to Determine Business Success Longevity
In the early days of “virtual”, many established companies thought “no worries”, this virtual/digital stuff will go away or remain so small as to be inconsequential. Others embraced it wholeheartedly.... Read More