The $308 business retreat which created revenue of $4,991 in one week
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The "This or That" Factor
It always feels funny to me that as many businesses wind down for the summer, we actually pick up.  With adding Gail Saseen to our Team, the doors about to... Read More
Lessons learned from a Magic Bullet
[caption id="attachment_3276" align="alignleft" width="95" caption="Magic Bullet"][/caption] Have you ever heard of a Magic Bullet?  They're awesome little blender/chopper things and I can't imagine life without mine when it comes to... Read More
The magic and power of one word
Can you imagine the power of one word to change everything? One simple tweak to change your mindset and results?  Sounds incredible doesn't it? What if we took the below:... Read More
Independence as a lifestyle, not just a day
With the Independence Day holiday tomorrow in the United States, you're bound to start receiving email after email about "independence" and "freedom" and achieving them in your life and business... Read More
Which Business Owner Type Are You?
When it comes to running and managing your business, there are two types of business owners: Just in time Just in case We all have tendencies of both; chances are,... Read More
Does your subconscious know something you don’t?
Consistency matters. If you've been reading my stuff for any length of time, you know I often say: "Ordinary things, done consistently, create extraordinary AND consistent, results." And I'm often... Read More
Entrepreneur’s Math: When 95 = 56, or rather 11
Chances are, you've heard the saying that "money loves speed".  I've altered it slightly for me to "success loves speed", with success defined as "achieving a goal", whether it be... Read More
Making the Tough Decisions in Your Business
Would you prefer to listen to this week's article? If so, just click the PLAY button above. Note: If you can't see the audio controls, you can click here to... Read More
Open the taps!
It’s rare that I post guest articles on my blog – this one from Bonnie Hutchinson of Soul Power Wisdom struck a chord with me as it’s something I’m passionate... Read More
THE Question to Move You Forward In Everything You Do
I'm often asked how I get so much done or "where to start" once someone makes their Success Action List (sounds SO much better than "to do" list). The answer... Read More
Dogs, Bunnies and Missed Opportunities
While walking one of my dogs this morning, we stopped at the usual big pile of brush by the firepit to "look for bunnies" (they live inside). Sasha was SO... Read More
A new, and I think better, way to plan for 2010 #fb
As I plan for 2010 and reflect on all that happened in 2009, I realize that there are several things I was tolerating in 2009 which will not be a part... Read More
5 Things Which Make the Difference Between a Hobby and a Business
I'd like you to take a step back, look at your business as an outsider would and ask the question "Is this a hobby or a business?" Put aside the... Read More
Conversions What do they mean and why do they matter?
Click here to listen... We hear all the time that we need to "increase our conversions" or "get our numbers up". But what exactly does that mean and what else... Read More
What happens when you fail to track
For the past month I've been involved in a 30 day blogging challenge hosted by Connie Ragen Green and have been blogging right along. "Right along" I counted my posts and... Read More
Do you fully embrace your freedom to. . .
During this week of Independence holidays in the US and Canada, I have to wonder. . . Do you fully embrace your freedom to take back your power and create... Read More
Does your business need a reality check?
Click here to listen... During a consultation last week, I was speaking with a 5-figure business owner who wanted to make $150,000 this year. Doable? Absolutely! Doable with the plan... Read More